Who are we?

Self Cleaning Technology Private Limited is the first Indian company to introduce nanotechnology Photocatalytic Coatings. Photocatalyst is an environmental cleanup technology, which was developed in Japan. It is very friendly to humans and environment.

Our products fall into two categories - Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic. They have a range of applications. We not only sell products but also provide application of our Coatings on Glass Facades, Smoking Zones, Buildings Exterior, Buildings Interiors, Hospitals, Cars etc.

Our Hydrophobic range of products includes Anti-Icing, Anti Water, Anti Rust and many more.

How our Hydrophilic Coatings Work?

Our Coatings harnesses the power of Sun and Water to create its Self Cleaning Characteristics. When the Coating receives light, it becomes super hydrophilic and produces active oxygen, which has strong resolutive power. This process resembles photosynthesis of plants very much. In photosynthesis, plants produces oxygen from dioxide and water with the chloroplast as a medium.

Our Coating generates radical oxygen in response to ultraviolet of sun light and fluorescent light. SCT Coatings makes a hydrophilic group, which interacts with water very well, through the reaction of ultraviolet and water in air. The hydrophilic group prevents the object, such as exterior walls, to which photocatalyst is applied, from being dirty. It shows the beneficial effect of self-cleaning with a natural factor like rain.

Our range of Product includes Self Cleaning Glass Coating, Anti Bacterial Coatings, Anti Fading Coatings, Odor and VOC reducing Coatings and many more products.

How our Hydrophobic Coatings Work?

Selfcleaning Hydrophobic coatings produce a water repellent surface treatment modeled by the Lotus Effect phenomenon (superhydrophobic). The contact area for water is reduced causing water to bead and roll of the treated surfaces. Our Hydrophobic range of products includes Anti-Icing, Anti Water, Anti Rust and Wood Coatings.